Are you a bar or restaurant that is having trouble consistently predicting your flow of customers? Revenues in the hospitality industry can be either feast or famine — and uncontrollables like weather and slow weeknights can cut into already thin margins. Do you wish you had a better way to contact customers, everyone from your regulars to your target audience? The gap between the digital advertising and the physical world makes evaluating the effectiveness of advertising difficult. How do you know that your advertising spend is leading to more people walking in the door?


 – the mobile app that allows you a direct line of communication to your regulars and target audience by pushing deals directly to users. As these deals are redeemed through the app you’ll be able to calculate real-time cost-per-acquisition analysis. With Scenehound you can adapt your advertising strategies in the moment to respond to variations in demand and pull in more walking traffic. What’s more, by being an early adopter of our new technology, you can differentiate yourself from the competition in a city packed with bars and restaurants competing for customers. Scenehound offers a low-risk, high-upside potential to boost your business’ sales.

Scenehound is investment backed and was a finalist for NOEW “The Big Idea.” There are ample customers for you to reach, with over 3000 users in the New Orleans area, of which 37% are active daily and 45% active weekly. Founder and CEO, Michael Underwood, has leveraged his 23 years of software development experience to build a streamlined and secure app that is easy to use for customers and bars alike. But don’t take our word for it — check out the free trial of Scenehound at your bar today.

So when you are looking for a way to earn more revenue, look no further than Scenehound. By providing users with real-time information on the “mood” of a given bar, you will have happier customers that get exactly what they’re looking for. And happy customers means happier employees, who now have to worry less about getting stuck on a slow shift. Be part of the newest trend in how consumers plan their nights out and know whether your advertising is working— join us on Scenehound.



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